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Oloonkolin Foundation Kenya’s objective is to help the residents of Oloonkolin improve their living conditions. The next step is to help the economy get started, create work, trade, tourism.
Welcome to Oloonkolin Kenya Foundation! Oloonkolin

The Mara Medical Center is ready. Through the construction of the health center we have brought primary care to the Masai of Oloonkolin and local residents.
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Knowledge of sustainable development

The Maasai are perhaps the most well-known tribe in Africa. Traditionally, the Maasai were nomads who trekked through East Africa with their herds. They have been unable to continue their traditional lifestyle in recent decades. That is due to increasing land distribution as a result of which the Maasai can no longer move around unhindered.
Out of necessity, many Maasai have occupied settlements and villages in the Trans Mara region in the southwest of Kenya, amongst others. More then 700.000 Maasai live there.

Living in one place permanently is a completely different way of life compared to a nomadic existence. The Maasai are unfamiliar with the needs and requirements of living in permanent settlements. As a result, many of them live in dreadful conditions with a lack of drinking water and sanitation facilities,medical supply, hygiene problems and great poverty far below the poverty line We want to help the Maasai in this area adapt to their changing circumstances so that they can live a dignified life

Oloonkolin, a village with a population of about 7,000 residents, is one of the most impoverished settlements in Trans Mara. Our hope is that the proposed changes in Oloonkolin will spread across the rest of Trans Mara like wildfire. Oloonkolin is situated opposite the Maasai Mara National Reserve, one of the best-known nature reserves in Africa. Around 300,000 tourists, predominantly foreigners, visit the reserve every year. The luxury of this tourist attraction is in stark contrast to the poverty in Oloonkolin.

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oloonkolinFor the first time a medical team was in Oloonkolin. For registration and vaccination of schoolchildren and families.
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oloonkolinPart 2 of the wash project is completed with a party at the school.
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March 2018 a team from a Eyecare hospital from Holland visit Narok County, Oloonkolin
We are proud to announce the graduation of our student Leina Class 2015- 2019 at the PCEA Nakuru West Nursing and Technical College in Kenya.