Different ways you can help us


Good healthcare is essential in Oloonkolin.
About sixty percent of children that die in Oloonkolin die during childbirth or from complications during childbirth. Labour often starts at home without the support of a medical specialist. A needlessly high number of people in Oloonkolin die from diseases like diphtheria, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis and malaria, and contagious diseases like Chlamydia trachomatis and HIV are spread easily because of a lack of education, guidance and medical facilities. The closest hospital that provides good medical care and treatment is in Kilgoris (Kilgoris District Hospital), 60 km from Oloonkolin. There are no cars (transport is usually by motorcycle), the roads are bad and completely impassable after rain.

We want to help the Maasai get access to medication, vaccinations and advice on hygiene and a healthy lifestyle by building a primary healthcare centre in Oloonkolin. This will reduce mortality and improve the general health of the residents. It will also have an effect on the economy and the community of Oloonkolin. Unnecessary absenteeism from school/work due to illness will decrease drastically. Healthy people can work in companies, agriculture, hospitals and schools. There will be fewer orphans, families need to spend less money on medicines and lose less time looking after sick family members.

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Organise a fundraising campaign! In your social circle; at your workplace; at your sports club; in your town or city. Organise a bingo evening, a food fair, a sports or other event to raise money for our project. We would naturally be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us.

A number of schools have organised sponsored walks, which, in addition to raising funds, also generated a great deal of goodwill. Read a report here. We can provide a suitable presentation to support your campaign. If you would like to organise something similar, or you have another idea. Please feel free to contact us.

Material support
We need a great deal of medical equipment for our health centre, which is to be newly built. If you are aware of hospitals, GP practices, midwifery practices, or health centres in the Netherlands that would like to donate suitable itemsPlease feel free to contact us. We are shipping a container to Kenya in early 2018.

Help with knowledge in Oloonkolin
People with experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture, education, trade, water purification e. d can also make a major contribution to the development of this area. First, contact us.

Support us
We need to invest in various facilities to help the people in Oloonkolin. That costs a great deal of money. Can we rely on your support? Thank you in advance!

Deposit your donation into our bank account:
ABN Amro Bank
IBAN NL04ABNA0568151216