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On behalf of the board of the Oloonkolin Foundation, we would like to thank you very much for the support you have given  to our activities in Oloonkolin. Partly because of this, the living conditions of the Maasai in Oloonkolin and the surrounding area have improved dramatically. Recent developments regarding the Coronavirus show how important good health care and good hygiene are for a society. Thanks to the establishment of the health care center in the village, the presence of clean drinking water and better information about (personal) hygiene, we are better able to take adequate measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus. 

CoronaVirus 2020

The new coronavirus is popping up in more and more African countries, including Kenya.
The Kenyan government is taking measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Together with our Local partner of the MaraStich Hospital we are working to strengthen government measures by organizing training for the medical team and providing awareness and information to the community.

More information:
Download a PDF with medical advice!!

Christmas 2019 New Year 2020

Many developments and results achieved last year
in the village Oloonkolin. The health starts. The first day received hundreds of patients. Masons are trained to build water tanks in the area and have already made appointments with ophthalmologists from Slah to come back in the new year. It is therefore high time for an update on what has been achieved and soon to happen.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Graduation Leina Class Nursing College

We are proud to announce the graduation of our student Leina Class 2015- 2019 at the PCEA Nakuru West Nursing and Technical College in Kenya.

Leina will be responsible for the reduction of child and maternal mortality in her village Oloonkolin.

In Oloonkolin the current upbringing is very selective. Boys are given priority and are sent to school, while the girls are often used for domestic tasks and are circumcised, married off and given birth at a young age.

In collaboration with Foundation Help Midwives in Kenya, we gave Leina the opportunity to study and take the fate of her life into her own hands.

We thank all teachers and donors for their generous support and guidance to Leina's education.

Start building rainwater tanks

On behalf of the Oloonkolin Foundation, we would like to thank Paul Akkerman and his 2 local bricklayers from Bedanda Guinea-Bissau for their love and dedication for this project. Their work, coming to Oloonkolin and teaching eight young adult bricklayers how to build a sustainable rainwater collection tank with cheap local resources, has been the stepping stone to a better Oloonkolin, where there will be jobs, income,  and safe water for all.
Oloonkolin Building health centre

On 2 January 2018 began our team in Oloonkolin with the building of the health centre. The project was very well received on the spot; both the team of local experts and the community there were concerned and expressed their support. The construction phase is finished, January 2019 we can start the design and establishment of the Center itself.

It became clear quite quickly that there is urgent need for a steering team to the project to give the necessary guidance and ensure that our objectives were achieved. In collaboration with a contractor of "Greenberg Contractors Ltd." were about forty employees adopted, many of them unemployed young people. Women also play a not insignificant role in this project: some of them are covered by the employees, prepare the meals for others.

The Minister of health in Narok County supports our project too. He accompanies our expert team and ensures that the hospital complies with all requirements laid down by the inspection and Government.

Oloonkolin Oloonkolin defecation free

Oloonkolin achieved one of its main goals for this year, The village is open defecation free (ODF)! In the past year, 11% of the residents had access to sanitary facilities. This has increased to 35%, while also 39% are currently being constructed.

Vaccination and patient registration program in Oloonkolin

For the first time, a local medical team entered the village of Oloonkolin. The team will be involved in setting up and monitoring the vaccination program at schools. They also started with the registration and preparation of medical records for all inhabitants of Oloonkolin and surroundings. This will provide them with information about the medical problems in the village that need immediate attention once the health center is functioning. Meanwhile, there are 2164 patients registered in this village.

Oloonkolin Moving from ODF to safely managed sanitation

Today we Attended the FHF/MOH WASH stakeholders meeting, hosted by the Ministry of Health Narok County. At Oloonkolin we range at 11% ODF (open defecation free) but I promised that together with my fellow community members, local leaders and role models, in 30days our community will be declared ODF.

written locally by David Muthengi

voetbal Oloonkolin Football by David Muthengi.

Yesterday I joined my local primary school “ Oloonkolin primary school “ as they were preparing for their international  School compentition.  I was very impressed how skillful the pupils were.

On behalf of Oloonkolin Foundation we have donated a full training kit, and five FIFA footballs from Europe. This will help the pupils up their skills and motivate them as they prepare for the international schools competitions.

27 Januari ’18

de brug A broken bridge by David Muthengi.

I take this precious opportunity to thank my community Oloonkolin.

Today at 5:00am we went boma to boma and asked our young men and their farthers to join us fix the Moyan bridge. This bridge had ceased all the activities within Oloonkolin village, it was very challenging especially for sick and business people to use this road deu to the collapsed bridge. most of the tour vans and visitors from the neighbouring Camps and Lodges use this road enroute to narok since its very short. Our neighbouring village had to move their livestock for a long distance to access water deu to a blockage at the bridge.

The community turned out in large number and before lunch time the bridge was completely fixed. It was not a easy task but because of love and unity of the community we did our best without even complaining.



WASH project

The second phase of the water project has been completed. We now supply drinking water to 3000 Oloonkolin residents and about 1000 residents of neighbouring villages. But, as hoped, people from many other villages have become interested. The community now finally has clean drinking water after having to collect it from the filthy river for many years, a dangerous task with all those wild animals such as crocodiles and hippos.

The community is very happy they finally have access to non-contaminated water. They believe that illnesses caused by bacteria and parasites and a lack of hygiene will reduce. School attendance will increase because the children, girls in particular, no longer have to spend their time going to the dirty, dangerous river every day. And subsequently ending up in hospital because of the infections they pick up there. Women can now spend more time at the Community Centre developing economic activities to support their families.

The project has also made it possible for a number of members to attend training at a training centre in the area. This means they can carry out repairs and maintenance and assist in the further development of the project. For example, we established a greenhouse at the school. It serves as an example for the people of Oloonkolin in respect of developing an agricultural culture now they have clean water. It will also generate funds for financing the school.

klikThe eye care project
On 4 March 2016, a medical team travelled to Oloonkolin. Read more....

Oloonkolin The eye care project

On 4 March 2016, a medical team, including two ophthalmologists from Stichting SLAH (Dr. Ton Smit and Dr. Alex Rulo, both from Oogziekenhuis Zonnestraal), travelled to Oloonkolin to provide ophthalmic treatment in collaboration with local specialists from the Kenyan Ministry of Health Trans Mara West Hospital.

The result of this project: 400 patients were screened, 140 were admitted and treated, and 78 cataract operations were performed. Post-operative results: 99% of patients experienced improved vision and there was a considerable improvement in the quality of the local team. A result of which we are incredibly proud.

It was touching to see how grateful people were. Some came from very far, sometimes over twelve hour's drive from the hospital. They were transported in minibuses and taken home again after a two-day admission for treatment. In addition, over 1,500 people were given hygiene advice under the leadership of Chantal Westerhoff-De Ruiter. Local advisors were trained to provide instruction to other residents.

klikThe risk of fetching water from the river.

By disease fail many children school regularly.
Read more....


Collecting water

Many children are absent from school regularly due to illness. If they attend school at all; daily collection of water is generally the task of the girls and women. That takes a great deal of time. Due in part to this daily task, many girls do not attend school and the women cannot develop (economically). Secondly, this river is the natural habitat of wild animals such as crocodiles and hippos. These two species in particular claim many victims amongst water collectors. In the past year alone, seven children from the area have been killed. This is a terrible human tragedy and demographic drama for a small community like Oloonkolin.

Water in Oloonkolin

Clean drinking water is now available at one of the outer hubs of Oloonkolin –Ntulele.
A borehole has been drilled, a water storage tank has been installed and pipework has been laid to the school where a water kiosk has been built. The girls no longer need to walk long distances to collect water in the filthy river infested with wild animals. They can now go to school to fetch water and attend lessons. Parents now also have time to engage in others activities to earn an income.

klikCommunity Centre

The Community Centre was built in part with assistance from Impulsis.. Read more....

run The building consists of:
  • A large covered space (100 people) that will be used to host large events for education, training, meetings and church services;
  • A kitchen that can cook for people attending events and where meals can be cooked for tourists in exchange for payment (part of the proceeds will go towards maintaining the Community Centre).
  • Market stalls around the Community Centre where the women of Oloonkolin can sell the beautiful Maasai jewellery they make themselves.
  • A separate space split into two rooms: one room for consultations, advice and support and a room for examination and treatment: for advice and support of pregnant women and support for mother and baby (a child health clinic) from the local midwife, assisted by a TBA, a social worker and a paediatrician. Amongst others, this is for girls traumatised by genital mutilation, being married off at a young age, and pregnancy at a young age.