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visie Oloonkolin
Chantal gives a training about hygiene

Our future midwife Leina

Health lesson at school

Knowledge is the cornerstone of all Oloonkolin Foundation Kenya's other sub-projects. Knowledge starts with the children. Therefore, an important objective is for all children to attend school. However, it is of equal importance that the adults are instructed and trained for the project in Oloonkolin to succeed.

Hygiene advice

In March 2016, a team of instructors travelled to Kenya to train the residents of Oloonkolin under the leadership of Chantal Westerhoff-De Ruiter. By the end of 2017, around 5,000 Oloonkolin residents will have received advice on hygiene, water consumption and sanitation. An affiliated local organisation will monitor and evaluate the application of that knowledge.

Construction of a Community Centre

Previously, events were held "under the tree". The people of Oloonkolin needed an indoor space where they could gather for, amongst others:

  • Instruction to children about the importance of good hygiene and healthy eating
  • Support of girls traumatised by genital mutilation and marrying off
  • Education in economic development (agriculture, jewellery sales)
  • Support in drawing up business plans
  • Church services
The Community Centre was built in August 2015 with the support of De Ark church in Middenmeer and Impulsis. It is now a place where Oloonkolin residents share their knowledge and experience with one another and discuss cultural issues. It is the place where advice on hygiene and the importance of a healthy lifestyle is provided. It is a safe place for children to play. The venue can also serve as a market where women can sell their self-made jewellery or figurines to tourists.


Leina Sein is a former student of Emarti Secondary School. According to the director of the school, Leina is extremely intelligent, highly disciplined, and a very hard worker. Leina only has her mother to look after her and the family is very poor. She was able to complete high school thanks to funding from the school itself, the church, and a few private donors. She would now like to continue her studies to become a midwife.

There is no midwife in Oloonkolin at present. Partly due to this, mortality in newborns is exceptionally high. Stichting Help Verloskundigen in Kenia will therefore sponsor Leina's studies. The Oloonkolin community will also contribute.